As many of you may (or may not) know, I own and operate and I also have freely offered to host:

on my site. Because of bandwidth concerns (these two websites produce quite a bit of bandwidth each month) I can't host everyone... but I'm thinking about trying something new for others. The purpose of this thread is to solicit a response and guage whether it is worthy my time, money, and effort.

I am thinking about providing a blogging service for people to blog on assembly. Not that people can't just write their ramblings in a forum or on their web page, but blogs seem to have a different demeanor about them then what you would expect in a forum. Besides that, I intend to make my blogs searchable by google, as well. The intended content of the blogs in this case, should be related to assembly language and system internals that might be of interest or use to assembly programmers. Their is not specific flavor of asm in this case (win32, linux, MIPS, ppc, retro, etc.)

Let me know what are your thoughts, if you think

a) you are interested enough that you would be willing to open a blog account and use it
b) you are interested enough that you would at least be willing to read some blogs if others were to open an account and use it
c) you can't see the use since there are these forums already
d) some other concern not mentioned above

I will not charge people and quite the contrary, I will pay for the bandwidth and disk space. Of course, that also means it'll be a limited service until I can figure out a way to get lots of bandwidth for cheap.

This poll will be open for 90 days.

Posted on 2004-12-27 00:17:51 by _Shawn
I'm guessing from looking at those webpages that the bulk of the bandwidth is used up by the downloads. Not to send your post off track but I can offer assistance for Donkey and KetilO by setting up a mirror for those program downloads if you want. Just need to know how much bandwidth they have been consuming monthly and any trend projections would be nice :)

PM me if you are up to it and we'll work out the details.
Posted on 2004-12-27 08:18:55 by SpooK
I'll take you up on this, I'll PM you soon (just started a new job this week and my hours went through the roof -- only enough time to sleep, work, and read Slashdot these days).

Posted on 2005-01-05 21:33:55 by _Shawn