Hi All,

I've just put AGE v0.10 up on Webster at

Lots of new features. From the "v0.10.txt" file:

Added buy and sell verbs.
Added "experience" field to room; this field gets added to the player's
power field (experience) when the player enters a room for the first time.
Added PATH verb (sneaky cheat/trick, for debugging purpose!)
Revised initialization of objects.
Added several fields to possessions.
Added weapon, protection, and consumable classes.
Created symbolic names for a lot of magic numbers used in initialization.
Display an object's retail/wholesale values when you examine the object.
Modified look to behave like "describe" if no noun is present.
Added door message to east path of guild10 room.
Added impediment class.
Added impede* fields to the room class.
Added the hijack_verb field to the room class.
Added a door impediment to the Guild room, must use wooden key to unlock.
Lots of cleanup.

The big change is that the game is actually starting to be playable.
No, it's nowhere near ready yet, but you can actually do a lot of things
in the game. The class library for the game engine is actually shaping
up fairly nice. I'm hoping that there won't be too many more additions to
the "Adventure Game Engine" code itself, that most of the changes that
follow will be in the game-specific part of the source code. There are
still a few things I need to add to the engine itself, scoring is still a big
question mark and I need to do something about several verbs yet
(like "fight" and "kill"). But beyond this, the engine is turning out
to operate just the way I wanted it to originally -- you initialize a bunch
of game-specific objects and the game just "plays itself." You don't
have to do a whole lot of code beyond object initialization (unless, of
course, you want to do some specialized things). Oh well, enough
of the hype, back to work....
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2004-12-28 23:49:47 by rhyde