I respond to you rea other time I couln't do it....

For those whose like good programmation go on to Russia's site...


To read article...try to use good translator...

Really in this site you will be able to find things very interesting...

Posted on 2004-12-31 05:23:20 by gerard
I gerard ;), is not a problem, the things is to express ourselfs and you have finded the time now ;)

Posted on 2004-12-31 09:34:39 by rea
Although I am all for wishing people a happy new year, this is neither an algorithm nor does it contain any source code so I have moved it to the Heap.

BTW Happy New Year :)
Posted on 2004-12-31 11:41:09 by donkey
I hope tonight you will have more fun then I am going to.

Have a blast!
Posted on 2004-12-31 12:43:10 by Milos
Happy New Year guys, and have fun :D
Posted on 2004-12-31 16:16:41 by x86asm
Happy New Year all, I hope its a happy one.
Posted on 2004-12-31 21:31:12 by Eóin
?Les deseo un muy feliz a?o nuevo a todos!
Wish you all a very happy new year!

Posted on 2004-12-31 22:13:32 by QvasiModo