For LLA, effective and fast!
Posted on 2005-01-02 07:26:21 by photon
For LLA, effective and fast!

Every machine instruction you can use in a typical low-level assembler is available in HLA. That is, HLA is a superset of most LLAs. So anything you can do in an LLA you can do in HLA. Therefore, HLA is "effective and fast" too, but you also have the option of writing in a high-level form when it's more appropriate to do so.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2005-01-02 10:15:24 by rhyde
Dear Randy:
The program writing in a high-level form could mean running as fast as which writing in Low-level form. As I have known, hign level language, such as: C, PASCAL.., give programers easy way to program, at the same time, they also bring a obstacle instinctivly to promote program's character.
I worry about my poor english, but i think you can understand what i mean. If there are any offensive words, please forgive me, that's NOT what I really want to say!Thank for you warm heart!
Posted on 2005-01-02 22:25:07 by photon