recently I wrote a h2inc tool (because the MS version is so crippled).
It converts C header files to MASM include files.
It is still premature and limited, but since I already reached my goal (the intention was to no longer being forced to use masm32's windows.inc), further development will possibly slow down a bit.

Currently available is the binary only. Once it is mature I will reconsider this.

Download location is http://www.japheth.de/download/h2incx.zip

Please be aware using this tool most likely will require some good knowlegde of MASM *and* C. Nothing for beginners.

Posted on 2005-01-05 10:00:54 by japheth
I'd considered writing something similar for class definitions, such as would produce either objasm32 or atc compatible classdefs...
(I translated the D3D9 includes to atc by hand, and m$ just keep on changing those darn headers on me..)
if you feel like letting your source flap in the breeze, let me know please.
Posted on 2005-01-05 10:25:19 by Homer
The tool is now beta, that is, all features I once wanted are included, just bugs still have to be found. Features are

- translates the Win32 C headers (tested with VC 6 and PSDK 2002)
- translates MIDL generated headers (oaidl.inc, msxml.inc, ...)
- translates DirectDraw includes (tested with version 5 and 7)
Posted on 2005-01-24 04:56:20 by japheth