This is my experience - open a file no matter how either through an application you wrote or whatever. After closing all handles and closing the application itself, the file does not want to be deleted - fuc*. But as I've experimented - this is just a windows explorer.exe problem as EvilHomer2k stated. After you close and reopen the explorer.exe process the problem is not fixed. I don't know why - maybe the problem lies in a deeper level of the windows system. So there's a program called forcedel, try to search for it - it comes with source. You close the explorer.exe and after that start a console window - cmd.exe. Then you input the forcedel blablafile.bla and the file is deleted without problems. That's it - I don't know the root of this problem, so I'll be glad to understand where it comes from and how you can effectively close handles in your program in such a way that explorer.exe won't mess up with your stuff. Thanks for the patience!

Posted on 2005-01-13 03:37:34 by siddhartha
Btw, just had this problem again, and I noticed the problem happens _only_ if I click once on the file in question (just mark it). No matter where the file is - you have to delete it with cmd, the other ways won't work always ^^"
Posted on 2005-01-13 03:43:46 by Ultrano
Woow, look at the number of your posts - it's creepy :-)

Posted on 2005-01-13 04:00:49 by siddhartha
As I have already claimed, sometimes even cmd shell won't delete them, only true if one instance of a folder owned by explorer.exe is open.
The solution is obvious even if you DON'T bother to read previous posts...
Posted on 2005-01-13 06:22:19 by Homer