Hi folks,

i have looked at the tutorials and samples given by you but i have a question.

All the samples use alot of extra files. I have some questions about them.

Includefiles, they are just files holding equ variables right?
I quess that all the directx libraries come from the SDK since i found them there also, however the samples and tutorials where holding alot more include files.


my question is am i going the right way: I have made a plain asm file and linked the libs. I am going to make 1 include file holding all the equ of the directx.

last question: what are def files? i have used them when i made DLL in C++ in those where files in which i had to put the names of the functions i creaetd in the DLL but i have never known why. Since the samples use like 4 of them i'd like to know what they do and whatfor they are.

tnx in advanced
Posted on 2005-01-06 11:12:42 by Bolle
Include files can contain anything.
When the compiler reaches a line that says "include blah" it will SWITCH FILES and process the "blah" file, then return to the parent file and continue with the next line.
They MIGHT contain a bunch of equates, but they MIGHT contain procedures, data, or anything !

.DEF files are used when you are making your own DLL.
They describe the DLL in terms of a list of the exported function names.

This posting should have been made in the Main forum as it is not related to gamecoding in any way... please move me :)
Posted on 2005-01-06 23:53:42 by Homer
Afternoon, EvilHomer2k.

I think the *.def files Bolle mentions are the files for Caleb's DX8.1 include files.

Posted on 2005-01-07 06:08:01 by Scronty
yes i should be in the main then i guess, but i thought since i was talking about the directx samples that it should be here. tnx for the reply though
Posted on 2005-01-07 10:26:03 by Bolle