Hi all

Help me test RadASM

You must previously have installed
- Improved code complete listbox updating.
- Better support for Objasm32 code properties (Methods and Objects).
- Block / Column select.
- Improved Undo / Redo.
- Edit / Format menu rearranged.
- Improved structure property parsing.
- New masmApiStruct.api file.

See the included ReadMe.txt and RadASMini.rtf files for more info on
manually updating the inifiles.

Get it here:

Posted on 2005-01-07 14:27:40 by KetilO
Your the Best KetilO.

It works like a charm the first try! :alright:

I also would like to thank your for such a fast responce!
Keep up the good work. If you ever need help with anything, just ask..

Posted on 2005-01-07 22:41:23 by NaN
Hi all

New upload.

- Fixed a tasm bug where arguments was not parsed to properties.

Posted on 2005-01-10 06:41:21 by KetilO

Now another problem occured :-D :

We are using "STDCALL" statement after function declaration, and now it is listed as the first parameters in parameter list, as below:

API_Debug_Out_String, STDCALL:DWORD, @@wnd_handle:dword, @@lp_string:dword, @@no_cli:DWORD

This is listed in upper info box, on mouse over, and the same for Properties list.

The big problem is that STDCALL get included in parameters list as first parameter when calling the function and displaying toolitps with current parameter based on comma number.

Posted on 2005-01-11 02:20:48 by Eugen
Hi Eugen

New upload

The comma after STDCALL (not needed) confused the parser.

Posted on 2005-01-11 03:56:36 by KetilO
It seems i have found 2 bugs in RadAsm and

- When Programming in DirectDraw and there is a resolution change, we can say from 1152 * 864 32bpp to 640 * 480 32bpp raedit fits to the changed mode, but back to the greater mode raedit still is in 640 * 480. So you must "restore" and "maximize".

- Menu Editor: I use RadAsm a lot, so when i edit a menu and then close the menu window, and then closing radasm, and then running it again, when load the last project, the menu editor win appears and the only way to solve this is pressing "cancel"

Are these bugs?

Features that would be nice:

I dont know if these can be acomplished in a treeview control (i have never used them), but it would be nice to crate groups (folders) without using the "project groups" dialog.

Well, best regards and congratulatios for a nice IDE. As i said i use it a lot.
Posted on 2005-01-11 22:21:28 by Ateneo
Hi KetilO

Now its working OK

Posted on 2005-01-12 00:49:56 by Eugen
Hi all

New upload.

- When there is a temporary resolution change, RadASM will restore it's size and position when the resolution is restored. Thanks Ateneo.

Posted on 2005-01-13 04:42:41 by KetilO
hey KetilO,
did you have any time on adding my latest suggestion to the new RadASM?

RadASM has saved me again @ work today ;) i love the macro record button :)
thanks KetilO for a wonderful editor.
Posted on 2005-01-13 14:01:42 by wizzra
Hi wizzra

Vertical (or block) selection is a large project. Before I can start on it I must be shure I will have the time to finish it.

Posted on 2005-01-13 14:37:04 by KetilO
Hi all

New upload

- Improved undo / redo handling.
- Block select mode editing
-- Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete block.
-- Selection / caret movement is limitted to selection by mouse and arrow-keys.
-- Typing a character fills the block with that character.
-- Block Insert / Replace delets block, then inserts entered text for each line.

Posted on 2005-01-17 16:30:08 by KetilO
hi ketilO
is there any comment block function on RADASM ?
if no, can you add it to the project ?

thx :)
Posted on 2005-01-17 20:33:39 by GR33d

There is Comment (Alt+F9) / Uncomment (Alt+Ctrl+F9) on the format menu.

Posted on 2005-01-18 01:47:04 by KetilO

amazing!! RadASM is very very powerfull now !!
you are great.!
thank you for applying my suggestions!

Posted on 2005-01-18 03:04:12 by wizzra
cant comment/uncomment block be on the contextmenu ?
would be easier and faster to remove a big part of the code for a short time, or to do a test,etc...

Posted on 2005-01-18 09:08:04 by GR33d
Hi KetilO!
I found a bug while typing the following line:
invoke MessageBeep, MB_OK

then I wanted to add mov eax, $ going to beginning of the line.
mov eax, $invoke ...

but when I pressed the comma, a GPF occured and can be reproduced without problems.

Module name: RadASM.exe (RadASM version
Windows XP Service Pack 1
Exception code: C0000005h
Instruction pointer: 00401C6Ch

eax=00000029h ebx=00000000h ecx=FFFB539Ah
edx=0000000Ch esi=004A7000h edi=004652DAh
ebp=0012FD38h esp=0012FCF4h eip=00401C6Ch

Segment registers:
CS=001Bh DS=0023h SS=0023h
ES=0023h FS=0038h GS=0000h
Flags: PF SF IF
Flags: PF SF IF
F3h SS=0023h
ES=0023h FS=0038h GS=0000h

0043ED42 00000011 00401D2C 0012FEC8
0012FD34 018A0021 0012FD2C 77D15F55
AE010BCA 00000161 00000346 000003D0
0000034A 0043ED42 0012FE54 00000047


Posted on 2005-01-20 10:39:37 by Biterider
Thanks Biterider

Bug fixed, new upload.

Posted on 2005-01-20 14:41:22 by KetilO
Thanks KetilO! :)
I also noticed that the bookmark toolbar shows a different behaviour than before? When I press the first button, the rest didn?t activate until I click on the code window again. Is it intended to work this way?

A second question? Sometimes, when a compilation error is shown in the lower output pane and when I double click on this line, RadASM doesn?t jump to the wrong source line. The message shown says ?Can not open the file ??.


Posted on 2005-01-21 00:43:49 by Biterider
Hi KetilO
I don't know if this helps, but I can see that if the error messagebox displays "Can not open the file..." the file path is not complete. Filename and extension are lacking...


Posted on 2005-01-21 03:08:30 by Biterider
Hi Biterider

The jump to error is based on parsing the error message that the assembler gives. It would help a lot if you could post the content of the outputwindow.

Posted on 2005-01-21 03:42:58 by KetilO