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I am wanting to automate scheduled tasks. To do this I need the CLSID_ITaskScheduler, IID_ITaskScheduler, IID_IPersistFile, IID_ITask, IID_IEnumWorkItems, IID_IProvideTaskPage, IID_IScheduledWorkItem, and IID_ITaskTrigger. I have the IID_IPersistFile. I downloaded oleview and the only interface displayed was IPersistFile. Any suggestions on obtaining these ID's would be appreciated.

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Posted on 2005-01-10 06:03:48 by Darrel
Use Japheth's ComView and search in the registery for those IIDs.


Posted on 2005-01-10 06:41:51 by Biterider
Dear Biterider,

The problem is these interfaces are not in the registry, so another approach to the situation, how do I get them registered. I believe thay are all in mstasks.dll.

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Posted on 2005-01-10 07:05:03 by Darrel
CLSID_ITaskScheduler ???
IID_ITaskScheduler {148BD527-A2AB-11CE-B11F-00AA00530503)
IID_IPersistFile {0000010b-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
IID_ITask {5A897574-B79B-11D2-B523-00C04FA3600A}
IID_IEnumWorkItems {148BD528-A2AB-11CE-B11F-00AA00530503}
IID_IProvideTaskPage {4086658a-cbbb-11cf-b604-00c04fd8d565}
IID_IScheduledWorkItem {a6b952f0-a4b1-11d0-997d-00aa006887ec}
IID_ITaskTrigger {148BD52B-A2AB-11CE-B11F-00AA00530503}


Posted on 2005-01-10 07:18:04 by Biterider
Thanks Biterider,

Guess I'll use CLSID_ShellLink in my CoCreateInstance then do the rest with QueryInterFace.

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Posted on 2005-01-10 08:01:28 by Darrel
One more CLSID I need "CLSID_Ctask". Where can I get comview.

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Posted on 2005-01-10 08:25:55 by Darrel
DEFINE_GUID(CLSID_CTask, 0x148BD520, 0xA2AB, 0x11CE, 0xB1, 0x1F, 0x00, 0xAA, 0x00, 0x53, 0x05, 0x03);

Go to Japheth's homepage and download it from there.


Posted on 2005-01-10 08:41:11 by Biterider
Thanks Biterider,

You have been very helpful. :-)

Posted on 2005-01-10 08:47:33 by Darrel
I downloaded COMview and could not find the IID's you gave me, I don't doubt their right. I'm wondering how you came up with them and I can't find them. I believe they ought to be there.


Posted on 2005-01-10 09:51:20 by Darrel
You are right! I found only 2 of them with the tool. The rest come from my docu and the Internet...

Posted on 2005-01-10 09:57:27 by Biterider
possibly I should mention the way oleview and comview display IIDs. They just enumerate the HKCL\Interface entries. But adding an interface to this key is only required for marshalling, that's why many shell interfaces cannot be found there for example.
Posted on 2005-01-10 10:24:31 by japheth
It's me again,

I did a search with yahoo and google and found the IID's. They were all the same except for IID_ITask {148BD524-A2AB-11CE-B11F-00AA00530503} and CLSID_"C"TaskScheduler is {148BD52A-A2AB-11CE-B11F-00AA00530503}. CLSID_"C"TaskScheduler is in the registry.

I did notice marshalling along the way but have not read up on it yet.

Thank ya'll once again for your time and consideration,

Posted on 2005-01-10 13:44:39 by Darrel

The correct IID fo ITask is {0148BD524h,0A2ABh,011CEh,{0B1h,01Fh,000h,0AAh,000h,053h,005h,003h}}.

Posted on 2005-01-12 01:23:54 by Darrel