I was just wondering, I don't use Dial Up anymore, but somehow I have
my telephone connected there and one thing; if they can acess by waves
like satellites, radio waves and enter am definitely trying to figure it out. another thing can they acess by electricity?
Posted on 2005-01-12 12:39:27 by Statix Star
hehehe, i could call you paranoid. well, "they" can induce currents in your pc with electromagnetic waves... but well, i'd say no, "they" can't. (they: the grey ones, cigarette man, illuminati, skulls & bones, etc.).
Posted on 2005-01-12 12:53:31 by lifewire
Search google for TEMPEST maybe thats what your looking for.
Posted on 2005-01-12 12:54:06 by QuantumMatrix1024
Well, since I had sense some weird things in my house. Once I was watching TV, VCR Toshiba trademarked. TV got off and the VCR stopped
definitely can be the neighborhood with the controller, since there are plenty of window to switch it but they can't see me. Another thing I have
a router, supposely is well protected by the ISP, my pc start to moves
alone certain programs every few weeks. I did scanned it with spybot,
mcafee and updated; by spybot removed. Definitely some clowns are trying to get into my pc, everytime I seach on spybot and same program
again. I trust my ISP since if they get hacked, then I have to be called or in the news to appeared that had been hacked. Well, don't think they don't have the latest softwares and security hints. :wink: I sometimes need to use to download something big enough; so I don't use my firewall. Most of my ports from the router are closed off.

TEMPEST: I founded somehow useful, to see how this people are developing new minds to cause a new tech to appear like innovation or are trying to destroy other's people life.
Posted on 2005-01-12 13:42:03 by Statix Star
Afternoon, Jimmy.

What mysterious program is being discovered on your PC?

What's been happening to your PC to make you think someone's been attempting to hack it?

Posted on 2005-01-12 17:11:42 by Scronty
Oh well, in November like in the 20th; I got a virus I open it after emailing
an admin from a site about an anime. His site was saying bad things with bad words, so I just email them and automatically; each time you emailed
them he sent the same virus. I open it without knowing it was a virus and started a worm, I did sys res but still got some dlls not found but was able to start windows. I didn't turned off my computer well three times and the system got stuck everything was lost. (I lost things such as; links, softwares, some animes but I can download them again luckily my bro has a large bandwidth in Canada, and other stuffs, etc.)

I did reinstalled it again, now I had recently Installed the Service Pack 2
again and other stuffs that I will find.

I had recently a problem with my red card, I was playing a game called
MOHAA(Medal of Honor Allied Assault) with my friend -==- well,
I had great skills in that game even such people pissing me for being some good; I defenitely wanted to teach them but because they're just
annoyed, I can't. That day I was playing with my friend in a server, supposely the light was gone, but I had the UPS but not for the red card.
I lost the internet, I called the ISP and they said; that my red card wasn't
working because the red card doesn't receive the signal.
I contacted my friend who's father is German but borned here; graduated as a Computer Science. I have a Dell those with offer at 2002 bought it:

1.6 GHZ
256 RAM
40 GB
Windows Xp Home Edition

We did the test with it's router and it worked, with mine; I can only use it manually enter IP Address, I can't have one automatically; I did my best. The ISP tells me that's forbidden to use manually written IP Address.
But I did somehow, thanks to my brother's pc that works. The problem
is not in the red card it's in the ISP. Rarely it works fine in my bro's pc but he's in Canada now at college. Looks like the hackers did some kind of hack to banned me from the ISP and ISP won't listen or their sys appears fine. When I put it automatically it appears 69.00 etc.

I contacted a specialist guy from church's friends, he change my red card and it happens the same thing. It usually I can send but can't receive. I had too many rivals over the net and real life just because they don't like me that some girls like me and my kind of thinking. In the game, hackers, java dudes I guess; after I posted, etc. I don't know them all, they rarely just came to attack me in emails they spammed it, whatever.

The technician installed Mcafee and spybot and I can update it for FREE, he's going to pass it to me. :wink: I did scanned it in both but the AV
displays no virus and the spybot displayed like 8 spywares, damage sys,
etc. Yesterday I scanned my pc and 5 problems got fixed. Today in the morning I fixed one then I scanned it again at noon and the same thing clear it, and now again. At noon I went to the doctor now I return with the same name of corrupted problem:

Problem Entries

DSO Exploit 5 Entries

Scanned with Spybot.

Defnitely the router protected by the ISP it's secure but with the red card
problem, I'm afraid they can enter the ports from the ISP I use up.
I download always things such as; movies, animes, etc. Because I need them to entertaint me. That's why I don't enable the firewall, but now only this had happened. Yesterday, after in my site I put it things for beginners: definitely the one the crt video post at the new sections,
they had checked my pascal guide I did at programmersheaven.com
and learnt it from. After I put it about the PSDK, C and etc.
Yesterday I installed my Sp2 I recently download it then the Visul Toolkit
C displayed at the topgun notepad said how? Referring that these retards
didn't know how to compile .NET code after all the posts I did in MasmForum.

Before, every few days something moved(like someone moving the mouse closing a download that was painful) or a corrupted sys common to all users.

Now, after I opened the topgun a black screens displayed at the toolbar
the languages in black icon and the topgun. I will take a screenshot and see how can I prove it.
Posted on 2005-01-12 20:28:39 by Statix Star
You can download the image http://xorslash.freefronthost.com/Topgun.html
Posted on 2005-01-12 20:48:43 by Statix Star