Hi everyone,

Since a while I'm creating 3d-models with the free program anim8or by R. Steven Glanville. A great program. It also gives you the possibility to export the modeldata for use in your own programs in various formats, even in C-sourcecode. But I would like to use the data in my own asm-programs using OpenGL.
The bad news is I cannot see a way to manage this. Does anyone have experience on how to implement data from anim8or in an assembler-based program using OpenGL? On the website www.anim8or.com there is a example of using the C-sourcecode under the resources-tab but there is no explanation or tutorial :?

I hope someone knows how to do it... Any help will be much appreciated :wink:

Thanx in advance,

Friendly greetings,

Wim, alias Lovesong.
Posted on 2005-01-12 17:04:55 by lovesong
Hello lovesong

I've had a look at an output file.

And I must say it's a plain textfile with all the 3D-info you need.

You can copy and paste it into your own program.
(Or write your own converter)
Posted on 2005-01-13 03:59:09 by Siekmanski
:) I'll check it out and give it another try. Still I'm a beginner doing the first few lessons of the famous NeHe tutorials on OpenGL (spinning cubes and triangles asf.) I 'll let you know if I succeed implementing my anim8or-model.

In the meanwhile help is still welcome!

Anyway, thank you for your reply, Siekmanski.

Friendly greetings,

Wim, alias Lovesong.
Posted on 2005-01-13 05:15:34 by lovesong
Hi lovesong

Direct3D is what I'm using to code my 3D stuff.
I know there are members on this board coding in OpenGL.

EvilHomer2k has some OpenGL asm tuts on his homepage.


Veel plezier Wim...
Posted on 2005-01-13 10:57:58 by Siekmanski
hi lovesong
i had the same problem....
anim8tor can export can the data to c,3dsmax,waveform formats, so ive writen a little program wich formats the c exported object to use them with masm32
in c++ we have :

10, 20, 30

converted with my program it will be like this :

_glVertex3f 10.f,20.0f,30.0f

im not at home now, so i cant give you the program url..
would this be helpful to you?
c ya
Posted on 2005-01-14 13:58:52 by GR33d
Hi, I 'm back again,

Thank you for your help Siekmanski, :) . I skipped some lessons at NeHe and checked out lesson 10 of the NeHe-lessons and found the clue! Seems like I wasn't yet far enough with my 3D programming selfeducation course (vertexes and stuff was yet unknown to me).

Thank you also GR33d for your reply :) . I also was considering the making of a converter for the exportfile of anim8or but since you already made such a thing.... It would be realy nice if you could help me get it too, please? Thanx in advance.

Anyway, Thank's a lot to both of you 8) !

Friendly greetings,

Wim, alias Lovesong.

PS: Siekmanski, Wat spook jij zo allemaal uit qua 3D programering? Ik ontwikkel op dit moment een kaartspelletje. Het project lag een tijdje stil, maar nu ben ik er terug aan bezig. Had eerst alles in GDI geprogrammeerd maar zo t...r....a...a...g. Daarom doe ik nu een spoedcursusje OpenGL om het daar naar om te zetten. Mijn site zit op www.users.skynet.be/manillen. Alvast vele groeten en nog een prettig weekend h?! Doei !
Posted on 2005-01-15 13:05:34 by lovesong
hi its meh again...
heres the url :


just download it, run, import a *.c file and convert to asm....
its a simple program, so if you have any prob or something to add to it u can contact meh ok ?
Posted on 2005-01-15 14:32:11 by GR33d
8) Hi GR33d,

Thank you for the conversion program. Works realy nice! This 'll get me a lot further.

Thanx again, :wink:

Friendly greetings,

Wim, alias Lovesong.
Posted on 2005-01-16 11:25:17 by lovesong
no prob 8)
Posted on 2005-01-16 14:37:13 by GR33d