This invention apparantly allows one to see thru walls!
I've been told that with the science of Ultra-wideband technology
this could actually be possible. What do you think?
Posted on 2005-01-20 01:33:56 by QuantumMatrix1024
nad yet no pic to show the actuall transperancy.
seems bit vauge to me.
Posted on 2005-01-20 01:51:44 by wizzra
i dunno why... but i dont see why i would believe anything.
ofcourse sometimes something groundbreaking like electricity is discovered and its unbelievable, but... well... i dunno... the big list of complicated devices... the dream (!!) ... the " i turned it on and it worked"... and the "and then i dismounted it , hehe...
Posted on 2005-01-20 05:46:40 by HeLLoWorld
I'm inclined to agree with HelloWorld. The story reads like a made up one...
Posted on 2005-01-21 05:58:59 by Eóin