Hi all

RadASM have been uploaded to my website.

Whats new:
o Improved Undo / Redo.
o Improved code complete listbox updating.
- Updates faster.
- Less flicker.
o Better support for ObjAsm32 code properties (Methods and Objects).
- Objects and Methods code properties.
- Objects and Methods are collapseable.
o Block / Column select editing.
- Cut / Copy and Paste a block / column.
- Fill block with typed chacter or text.
- Undo / Redo on block operations.
o Edit / Format menu rearranged.
o Improved structure property parsing.
- Named unions and named structures in structure.
o New xxxxApiStruct.api file.
- Parsed from the latest windows.inc in the masm32 package.

Posted on 2005-01-28 04:22:00 by KetilO