here is an easy way to release some pretty looking webcontrols. The source uses a systemdll to build the controls. For that people, who dont' have the dll on the system (whyever), I've put it in the Zip-File. Have fun!


Posted on 2005-01-29 15:56:06 by Nordwind64
Greetings Nordwind64,
Nice! :-D
Posted on 2005-01-29 20:27:25 by Poimander
wow - cool .... and EASY :alright:
thanks :)
Posted on 2005-01-29 21:17:55 by Ultrano
Very cool
Small bug: when I click on some link that opens new browser it opens new IE (or other default browser on your machine)
Posted on 2005-01-30 18:31:30 by Mikky
it is _extremely_ slow for me :/
Posted on 2005-01-30 20:42:52 by Drocon
it is _extremely_ slow for me :/

HUH? What is your system? I've tested it only on my best PC so far (a high-end machine)

Anyway, on the topic - just consider its usage - your software has a direct display of a forum on your site, or a page to show which updated files you should download, or some cool text-and-images-intensive window (made in tmp.html on the HDD). I've got tons of ideas to use it :-D

Just, we should disable the right-click, and it'll feel better imho :-D

Any idea of handling link-clicks in it btw?
Posted on 2005-01-30 21:33:14 by Ultrano
Hi again,

I changed the dll version in the zipfile. This new dll-version should work with all Windows versions, starting from Win95. Have fun.

Greetings, Nordwind
Posted on 2005-01-30 23:48:50 by Nordwind64