I'm curious what optimizations can be done in assembly that would be difficult or impossible by compliers and by JIT compilers.

Posted on 2005-02-01 08:58:39 by ThoughtCriminal
i can't name any optimizations that are impossible, but just in general i think that there aren't any that are impossible to do. there are many however that are hard to do, but the ideal compiler/JITter can do them. i guess it just depends on how smart the compiler/JITter is, and that depends on its turn how smart, rich-of-money and rich-of-time the creator is :)
Posted on 2005-02-01 14:27:55 by lifewire
If you can precisely describe an optimization, it can be done by a compiler. What a compiler cannot do is invent optimizations independent of known optimizations.

One can build a compiler that creates better optimizations by combining known optimizations in differing orders and frequencies, using the modify-and-evaluate approach of genetic techniques.
Posted on 2005-02-01 19:27:51 by tenkey