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'db 0ffh, 1dh' what is mean?
Posted on 2005-02-02 21:37:17 by Ctrl+Break
You simply initialize 2 bytes at adjacent memory addresses.
The first one is initialized with a value of 0ffh (=255 in decimal notation)
The second one is initialized with a value of 1dh (=29 in decimal notation)

The hexadecimal notation is not necessarily standard from one assembler to another. The one used in your example is typical of MASM. With other assembler/compiler, the 0ffh may require a syntax such as 0xff or something else.

Posted on 2005-02-02 23:22:09 by Raymond
and if you see this data as opcode (as the title of your question suggests), it means 'call far '.
Posted on 2005-02-03 03:54:19 by lifewire
Thanks, yes,

call far ptr
Posted on 2005-02-03 04:49:34 by Ctrl+Break