it is possible to get a listview with thumbnails similar to windows explorer thumbmail view ?

or there is a COM magic trick ? :-D
Posted on 2005-02-03 06:29:20 by TBD
hola, parece que hablas castellano.... a que te refer?s con thumbnails a la windows explorer???.... el explorer tiene un listview embebido en un control de tipo InternetExplorer_Server o algo por el estilo y dentro del mismo contr?l un frame a la izquierda que tiene los thumbnails (si es que tene?s activado la opci?n "ver como pagina web")..
Si, est? hecho en COM el control de InternetExplorer_Server... pero pod?s hacer un control custom para lo que vos necesites... por ej, si queres emular el comportamiento del explorer pon?s un listview y a la izquierda un control custom donde puedas despleglar las imagenes (cada vez que la seleccionan el el listview) creo que no es dificil.
ah una sugerencia... en el foro hay personas de todo el mundo que hablan distintos idiomas, si quer?s que te respondan lo menos que podes hacer es ponerle un t?tulo en ingles sin? ni siquiera van a entrar....

I think U speak Spanish, so i wrotte the answer in Spanish, if my conclution is wrong please tell me...

__________Mauricio Prado
sorry my english, try U to write in Spanish....
Posted on 2005-02-04 01:31:18 by mauricioprado
hehe, I dont speak Spanish, but I understood some parts ;)

I didnt find any InternetExplorer_Server using COMView. can you elaborate more on this ?

btw the title is in english, even if it is uses "a la", which according to Webster is "in the manner of" :-D
Posted on 2005-02-04 04:16:57 by TBD
Sorry it seems like i take some bad conclutions, and also that you're right there is not InternetExplorer_Server (i really didnt check this because i've uninstall almos all my programming tools by the time, i take some vacations in programing)
Well cutting some words, all i've said was that the explorer has an option in the menu called something like "see as web page" (from my traduction of my win98 in spanish at least), and that make the explorer show a new control on the left side of the windows where thumnails come when you click an image file, is that the thumbnail refer? or is the one of the windows xp that the icon is the image?.
If is the first case, the solution is very easy, U just have to create a new control that show the images, and monitor when a new icon is selected.
If is the second case, the solutions is not that easy if U never make a customized control, the only solution i see (if U dont want to use COM) is create a new control emulating the behavior of the list view.
I U never make a customized control is not that recomendable to start make something like that, i see a little hard but is totally posible.
The other alternative is to read some of COM, and i think U should because there is more and more features that eventually will be only available thru COM.
I really hate COM, is the biggest complication never maked with no sense, argue that is a better way and easy. I really known a necesary to handle my self with COM, so I cant help U with that problem and in this moment, like i said i'm on programming vacations and i dont want start dealing againg with COM (sorry, maybe later).

I think i didnt say anything that U didnt known, did I?, if is did i'm pleased to have do....

_______________Mauricio Prado
Perdoname mi Ing?s, trat? vos de escribir en castellano....
Posted on 2005-02-05 00:02:19 by mauricioprado
by the way, after U read the necesary to program in COM U can find the class and interfaces detail on the MSDN of microsotf (the one with came with Microsoft Visual Studio 6..., or in the web) and to copy the structure of the clases or interfaces U will have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ and search in the library path the correct one, to know where is located the methods U need to make that behavior in the ListView... and translate to the correct sentences in asm.... this is the way i work with COM....
Posted on 2005-02-05 00:07:56 by mauricioprado
the solution is very simple - use an imagelist with a normal listview.

now I am looking on IImgCtx interface, as it can be used a png decoding library
Posted on 2005-02-13 10:03:35 by TBD