Hi all,
Firstable i'm sorry for my poor english.
I need to create a program like netstat from Microsoft.
This program must List all open tcp/ip port in local machine and
more important , display for each open port the url.
For an example :
If the local machine is connected to ftp server.
The program must show :
1 - local opened port
2 - ip of the server
3 - remote por used
4 - remote folder connected in.

If you have some informations or better source code to
help me to resolve this problem.

Thank you for your help.
so long
Posted on 2001-11-26 04:47:51 by colio
How far have you got so far?

Post your code, and point out where your problem is and we'll see what we can do.

Posted on 2001-11-26 09:21:48 by Mirno
i've found this source-code on my hdd, i think it will help:grin:
waiting for your new best asm-netmon :)
(its compressed with rar 2.80, when i compress it with zip it was to big, remove ".txt" extension and u can open it, sorry for the troblue)

Posted on 2001-11-26 10:00:40 by NEMO
Thank you very much Nemo.
It's exactly what i need.
Ok, Know i must read and understand the source.
Thank's again Nemo.

Right thing in the right Time ;)
so loong
Posted on 2001-11-26 10:17:37 by colio