I've noticed there's an IDE written as an extension for UltraEdit, Ultra Ide-asM.

Unfortunatly UltraEdit cost about $30. Has anyone here tried Ultra Edit. Is it worth the $30? I've checked out the site and it looks ok, but are there any free/cheaper alternatives which are just as good.

Its not that I'm too cheap to spend the money :rolleyes:, I'd just like to know if its a wise purchase

Posted on 2001-11-26 05:08:30 by Eóin

A lot of people like Ultra Edit so I guess it depends on your taste in editors. It is a large editor in terms of file size but it apparently has a lot of facilities that you can configure.

I think there are demos for it that are time limited so it would not hurt to have a play with it to see if its what you are after.


Posted on 2001-11-26 05:51:08 by hutch--
UltraEdit is pretty good, but... I don't really know why, for some reason
I dislike it. My favourite editor is editplus. It does all I need for a
text editor, and even has some tool setup that means I can build
simple project from within the editor, without it having any project
stuff. (Yeah, UE has everything EP has, but EP just feels better to
me :). They're both shareware, so you can try them out for a 30day
period before buying.)
Posted on 2001-11-26 06:46:23 by f0dder
I tried UltraEdit some time ago.
it's a nice editor... but i had problems if HexWorkshop is installed... Hexworkshop won't work anymore after UltraEdit setup (on my PC, at least).

ConTEXT is a great free editor : http://www.fixedsys.com/context/ but we are going out from the original question...
Posted on 2001-11-26 07:17:48 by JCP
f0dder, I use EditPlus at the moment and going by what you say I think I'll stick with it. (Unless there is a better third option)I think I might also register it, the fact that I'm on day 102 of my 30 day trial has the conscience acting up :cool:.

I never liked its user tools though, if you have a pause in the batch file it really messes things up, and like to use the pause to tell me if I have an error.

Readiosys, don't worry about getting away from origional question, however umbongo has a huge thread already dealing with thing topic.

Posted on 2001-11-26 09:37:16 by Eóin
True E?in, the user tools are only really useful for quick and dirty
stuff :). For my larger projects, I either use Visual Studio, or a combination
of editplus and a cmd.exe with a few batch files :).
Posted on 2001-11-26 09:57:08 by f0dder