Hi all !
Is there a way to disable this (sorry, but imho... ugly) splashscreen introduced in the latest version of this excellent development environment ?

Posted on 2001-11-26 06:38:03 by JCP
yes! its no problem, a little reverse engineering will do it!
the eseist way u can get is to patch ONE byte at 0041AAC5 from 08 to 00.:alright:
Some explenations needed: this byte is part of 6A08 - push 08 and its a nCmdShow param for ShowWindow API (08 - SW_SHOWNA, 00 - SW_HIDE). There u go!
to KetilO: U can add func to disable the splash when clicking on it, and by the way... GREAT WORK!:alright:
Posted on 2001-11-26 09:01:02 by NEMO
Hello !

Good idea Nemo, thanks, i was thinking about that too... but i was wondering if there were more "sweet-hearted" methods... but it seems to be the only one that works for the moment...

I tried your RVA... but it doesn't point to the ShowWindow code.
I don't think it's a version difference since 1.06 is the only one to have the splash (i think)... Anyway, I made my own "reverse engineering" :

RVA : 0041AA46
Hex offset (to patch in the file) : 19E46h

Are we using the same version or is it a typo ?

Have a nice day...

PS : KetilO, if you disagree this peaceful change, i would understand and continue to use the original exe with the splash.
(Please, it would be cool to have an option to disable it in the next version, since many people don't like splashscreens).
Posted on 2001-11-27 00:59:00 by JCP
my version is, so this explain it all:grin:

Posted on 2001-11-27 09:43:52 by NEMO

RVA : 0041AA46

Sounds more like a VA than a RVA to me ;).
Posted on 2001-11-27 09:52:48 by f0dder
I didn't see that a new radasm version was released...
So this explains the bad offset i had...

Why not create a site where all the latest version and plugins for radasm would be available...
Coders are lazy, lazy enough to not read a 60 messages long topic to find out that a new version / bug fix has been released...

f0dder, it's an RVA relative to zero ;)
No, you're right, and it's good to be precise ;)
I was tired and drunk when i wrote this message... :) (lame excuse, i know ^^)
Posted on 2001-11-27 10:35:36 by JCP
well, I use C, not ASM, but I have downloaded RadASM just to see that famous splash screen, and... cough-cough... well, it is not that fun. Since I'm learning a bit of computer graphic and yesterday I was testing color halftone effect for backgrounds, I made this little image in a very few minutes. KetilO, if you like it feel free to use it, if not, don't warry. If you want the original file with editable text and layers, leave me a PM.
Posted on 2001-11-27 17:12:13 by LuHa
LuHa, that looks great :D. Any chance you might want to make a
few doodles for me should I need it?
Posted on 2001-11-27 17:16:25 by f0dder
f0dder, you are a brave guy. I'm still learning, but, if you should need, I can try to make something. I'm always here (well... often).
Posted on 2001-11-27 17:37:26 by LuHa
Very good pic !
Congrats !
I hope to see it in the next release of RadASM...

Suggestion : I think you should delete the text lines in the blue frame to allow to add text programmatically with APIs...
It would be easier to maintain... (no picture to modify for each new version).

PS : I love your RX-78 SD "Gandamu" avatar ;)
Posted on 2001-11-28 00:56:47 by JCP
Hi all.

A way to disable spash screen is on it's way.

Hm... I like the simplicity of LuHa's splash screen.

Posted on 2001-12-27 18:12:47 by KetilO