how do you achive direct disk access in win 98 XP????
Posted on 2005-02-10 02:35:09 by Retsim_X
write a driver

Posted on 2005-02-10 04:01:14 by Fake51
And, for 9x family, via special DeviceIoControl().
This is well documented in SDK.
(And, RBIL may be of great help if you are not familiar
with DOS level stuff.)
Posted on 2005-02-10 04:52:09 by Starless
For the NT family of windows, you get direct disk access simply via CreateFile - have a look in the PlatformSDK.
Posted on 2005-02-10 06:48:45 by f0dder
I agree with what fodder said. Alot of people don't know that you can open your harddrive raw using \\.\PhyscialDrive0 with the CreateFile call.

At work I use the above and have wipped my harddrive 3 times, on accident of course. :)
Posted on 2005-02-10 22:41:56 by gorshing