there is two program

program A have the listview control which handle is 0x1111 (for example)

program B have already get the handle of program A' listview have 0x1111

and the problem is:

when i send the message,

invoke SendMessage,0x1111,LVM_DELETEALLITEMS,0,0

can clear the programe A's listview

but when i send the message,

invoke SendMessage,0x1111,LVM_INSERTITEM,0,addr @lvi

can not chage the contend of listview of program a,

so how can i do?

thanks :?:
Posted on 2005-02-15 07:30:18 by jndk
try redrew the listview,
could be u added a new node, but the listview didn't get updated.

or mabye what u pass is the wrong values
Posted on 2005-02-15 13:56:24 by wizzra
That's because @lvi variable is not located in program's B memory space. You'll have to do ReadProcessMemory/WriteProcessMemory
Posted on 2005-02-15 17:34:50 by Mikky
can you give me some sample, please :idea:
Posted on 2005-02-25 02:17:22 by jndk