Posted two more OpenGL tutorials at (look in Beginners section, theres a submenu for opengl stuff).
The most recent covers QuatCam, but I'm yet to rewrite the tutorial text to match the latest incarnation of the sourcecode...
Posted on 2005-02-15 22:58:57 by Homer
I've tweaked the values in the Camera demo to provide smooth mouse control and fixed three small bugs along the way. Also, I've added basic physics to the camera motion to smoothly accelerate/decelerate over Time. Camera deceleration is very simple - artificial friction (I just multiply the current velocity by a fraction factor of 0.8f in order to slow it down).
I'll re-upload the source as soon as I've rewritten the tutorial text, which will be some time later today.

Have a nice day :)
Posted on 2005-02-16 22:41:52 by Homer
Afternoon, EvilHomer2k.

QuatCam doesn't seem to do anything :( .
The program renders the quad.
The keys work fine (F1 toggles window/fullscreen mode, ESC exits), however the mouse doesn't do anything (even with the cursor keys or w/s down).

"Ticks Elapsed" in windowed mode only shows 1 or 2 ticks having been elapsed.

Posted on 2005-02-17 02:54:03 by Scronty
You're looking at the OLD executable.
I've been a little busy this afternoon (the sun miraculously appeared above Melbourne during Summer, and I sat under it and drank bourbon and cola until I felt ill), I'll upload the new exe immediately.
The tutorial text revision will have to wait.

Since I got the camera working, I added some random spheres to look at (50 random spheres of random colour at random position per frame).
W and Z will move the camera, cursors or mouse rotate the camera.
Next I'll implement my already proven frustum culling class to the camera, such that each camera instance owns a frustum, and such that objects are culled according to the frustum of the current camera.
By this time I'll be using an array of objects with initially random positions which won't cause epileptic seizures.
After that I intend to add some very basic physics (gravity and basic point/plane and sphere/plane collisions).
Before I get carried away with physics stuff, I'll add a player model of some kind which owns a camera object, and then implement thirdperson camera code with fast view switching. After that I'll test my slerp code (spherical linear interpolate between cameraview matrices over time).

Man, what's your hardware? I'm running an 1800 mhz amd and getting about 17 ticks per frame, ge4 card.
Posted on 2005-02-17 03:37:06 by Homer
hehe didnt notice this topic first time i saw the executable with this tutorial i though my hardware was fucked because i couldt find any rendering in the assembly file but i found it with olly afterwards :) (couldnt compile before)

Btw,im getting 1 ticks a frame on my AMD 2500+ (~1800Mhz says Everest and DXDiag) with Radeon 9700
edit: that is, with tutorial 2 since 3 doesnt display ticks anymore but Pitch angle
Posted on 2005-02-23 09:37:29 by Scorpie