Anyone knows ho to read the contents of DRAM Serial-Presence-Detect ROM chip from windows 9x/2K environment ? I've read some "obscure" code at . I just don't know where to read from, i.e. port addr to be used . I think it will be system (chipset to be exact) dependent. Any info on this is appreciated very much. Note that I've no problem to get into kernel mode in win2K/XP at all. So only the "bare-metal" concept that I haven't know. Anyway, I need to find out memory size directly from the RAM chip itself if it's possible. I've used GlobalMemoryStatusEx API for sometime, but since my software has to be cross-platform and as "direct hardware access" as possible, I need to read the info directly from the chip if it's possible to do it safely from the OS environment.


Posted on 2005-02-17 09:17:16 by Pinczakko
Finally a little candle in the dark :-D. Some code snippet from the linuxbios project explain the method used. But, it's chipset dependent. I'm gonna need vendor support, heck, this could be quite a trouble in the long run :(.
Posted on 2005-02-17 12:24:48 by Pinczakko