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Whats new:
- Global labels parsed to code properties.
- Local labels added to code complete listbox (Shift+Ctrl+Space while in a proc).
- Option to associate files with RadASM.
- More icons in AlexMenu addin.
- Improved filetype icons on project / file browser.
- Fixed bug where succeeding structures without a blank line in between would not be parsed.
- Fixed bug where WS_EX_LAYERED could not be set.
- Added ANICURSOR resource type.
- Improved fasm support (labels, locals and fixed a few parsing bugs).

To activate new features (label code properties) the following must be
added / changed in masm.ini at the following section

Label={C},$ :

To activate new features (label and local code properties) the following must be
added / changed in fasm.ini at the following sections:

Code=endp,proc $
Const={C},$ =,$ equ
Data={C},$ db,$ dw,$ dd,$ dq,$ rb
Macro=},macro $
Struct=},struc $
Label={C},$ :
Local={C},$ db,$ dw,$ dd,$ dq,$ rb

1=proc $,endp,,,6
3=struc $,},,,6
4=macro $,},,,6


Posted on 2005-02-17 14:20:59 by KetilO
It'd be nice to have "anicursor" among resource types in the dialog wich appears when menu Project\Resource pressed. I'm always forced to type the name of ani file manually since there is no such type in the "Open file" dialog.
Also one thing: I noticed stange behavior of Windows when two anicursors in resource file were next to each other, Windows wether can not load one of them or when ID of them were decending - the programm crashed.
When I placed them in rc file separating with other resource statements
for example
ANICURSOR 22 "some1.ani"
DIALOG lalala
ANICURSOr 23 "someother.ani"

everything was OK.
I don't understand the nature of the bug, those fat bastards from M$ never answered any of my numerous bug reports so I was forced to talk to them through M.Russinovich, I just want you know.
Posted on 2005-02-18 20:10:08 by The Svin
Thanks The Svin

New upload:
- Added ANICURSOR resource type.

Posted on 2005-02-19 05:56:31 by KetilO
I can not find: Upper case, Low case, Flip case items in menu.

Also sometimes when error happens RadAsm shows wrong line (usually 1 down), might be it cause not source that send to assembler not much one that in screen (break points and such involved)?
Posted on 2005-02-20 16:54:59 by The Svin
The Svin

Case convert is on Edit / Block menu.

RadASM does adjust for breakpoints. Ml often reports wrong line number. Not much to do about that.

Posted on 2005-02-20 17:01:06 by KetilO
Hi all

New upload:

- Improved fasm support (labels, locals and fixed a few parsing bugs).

Posted on 2005-02-25 02:50:38 by KetilO