Hi, all.Does anybody know how to convert C/C++ code to pure assembly code????

Thanks, in advance
Posted on 2005-02-23 12:18:22 by morakladan
compile it :)
Posted on 2005-02-23 12:45:44 by JimmyClif
and using MVC++ compiler you can set compiler to dump the asm file
Posted on 2005-02-23 12:58:06 by Scorpie
win32dasm could be useful here right ?
Posted on 2005-02-23 13:22:51 by GR33d
i'd say better use ollydbg then instead of win32dasm, it isnt a decompiler but debugger so you can run the code while looking what it actually does.
Posted on 2005-02-23 13:26:52 by Scorpie
and where can i find win32dasm
Posted on 2005-02-23 13:44:04 by morakladan
I don't know if there's any legit ways of obtaining w32dasm, iirc it has been discontinued. But google for "idafree", it is a far superior disassembler. You can get a free and fully-working version of VC2003 from http://msdn.microsoft.com/visualc/vctoolkit2003/ .
Posted on 2005-02-23 15:02:11 by f0dder
To get the assembly equivalent of a C source file using MS VC++ :

cl /c /Fa hello.c
Posted on 2005-02-24 13:37:37 by Vortex
PVDasm Disassembler at http://pvdasm.anticrack.de
Posted on 2005-02-24 13:41:58 by wizzra
PVDasm Disassembler at http://pvdasm.anticrack.de

After downloading PVDasm check this article out http://www.codeproject.com/cpp/reversedisasm.asp
Posted on 2005-02-24 14:19:30 by Cthulhu

To do what you are after, use the link the f0dder provided and download the VCTOOLKIT as it has a very good C compiler in it. Run CL /? > textfile.txt to get all of the command line switches so you can set the options properly.

In particular learn the correct optimisation switches as they are useful to you if you want ASM output. Build the module with all of the optimisation turned on to get some idea of how fast it is then if you need it to be faster you can try and optimise it.

Just a hint if you want to take this path, build the ASM with all of the optimisation turned off as the code is easier to read and modify. You will have to remove a lot of redundant code if you do but you have more registers to start with.
Posted on 2005-02-24 22:52:32 by hutch--