did you all saw it ?
intel is making some awsome 64bit processors :o

"The Pentium 4 Processor Extreme Edition 3.73 GHz supporting HT Technology features a fast 1066 MHz system bus and 2MB of L2 cache that improves performance for such applications such as high-definition video and gaming that benefit from large amounts of data readily available to the processor. "

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1066mhz FSB < ---- this is the s*** ! :!:
2MB L2 < ---- when AMD is gunna make processors like this ?

AMD is leading the 64bit processor race since 2003, but i guess intel isnt too far from AMD, besides , intel p4 extreme edition has HT tech, such as AMD doesnt has it on its processors...
AMD just released the Sempron family, but they arent good enough..
some says that a 2800Sempron is = to a 2600AthlonXP Barton ....
Sempron has a higher clock and doesnt overheat, but there is a dramatic loss of power. :cry:
AMD <---- good decoding such as un-zipping stuff
INTEL <--- good coding such as zipping stuff
AMD has good prices.... INTEL...well...INTEL doesnt :lol:

VGA -------------------------------

Well, there is a processor war out there such as ATI x NVIDEA vga war

ATI is just about to realease a X850 512MB board!!!!!
well .... nvidea is far away from making one of those...
look at this config: 8)

24 Pipelines
700MHz Core
256-bit 512MB 1.8GHz GDDR3 Memory
57.6 GB/sec Bandwidth (at 1.8GHz)
32 Texture Units
96 Arithmetic Logic Units (ALU)
192 Shader Operations per Cycle
134.4 Billion Shader Operations per Second (at 700MHz)
300-350 Million Transistors
90nm Manufacturing
Shader Model 3.0
ATI HyperMemory
ATI Multi Rendering Technology (AMR)
Performance Improvement of 3X Over Radeon X800 XT
16x stochastic FSAA
FP32 blending, texturing

it has a 24 pipelines, wow, many pipes there....
oh....a 57.6GB/sec is a good speed dont you think ? :?

things are getting crazy out there...
Posted on 2005-02-23 15:40:35 by GR33d