Dear Gentlemans from Win32ASM

Greeting to every body.

I have a problem and I want to know if some one can help me solve it!

I am working on a program that loads jpeg's pictures and display then in a static control which works fine, but I need to create a resized second picture so you can view it a control and the control doesn't have to resize to the full size of the picture. I found acouple of samples but they are all in .NET, C++ which I don't know how to use, so here is the code i have!

10, 50, 350,350, hWnd, NULL, hInstance, NULL
mov hImageTestL,eax
Invoke GdipCreateFromHWND,hImageTestL,ADDR grafico
invoke MultiByteToWideChar,CP_OEMCP,MB_PRECOMPOSED,addr NombreArchivo,-1,addr NombreW,255
invoke GdipLoadImageFromFile,ADDR NombreW,ADDR imagen1
invoke GdipDrawImage,grafico,imagen1,0,0
invoke GdipCreateBitmapFromGraphics,200,200,grafico,addr imagen2

The first part works perfectly but in last line is supposed to create a second image (imagen2) with a resize image of imagen1 but when I try to draw imagen2 it just show me a black box (no picture) does any body have an idea why?
Posted on 2005-02-23 23:35:44 by alonsomm
First of all I want to thank every body that help me solve this problem, I want to share what I have learn after spending about 3 days looking every where in the internet for info on how to use GDI+ in MASM with very little luck but any way here it is:

; Create VB Picture box to draw imagen later On
10, 50, 350,350, hWnd, NULL, hInstance, NULL
; Save Control handle for later use
mov hImageTestL,eax
; Convert Image Filename to Wide character other wise it will return error
invoke MultiByteToWideChar,CP_OEMCP,MB_PRECOMPOSED,addr NombreArchivo,-1,addr NombreW,255
; Load image from file and save bitmap to imagen1
invoke GdipLoadImageFromFile,ADDR NombreW,ADDR imagen1
; Get original image pixel format (usually 32 Bit color) and save it to lFormat
invoke GdipGetImagePixelFormat,imagen1,addr lFormat
; Get original image Width and save it to sngWidth
invoke GdipGetImageWidth,imagen1,addr sngWidth
; Get original image Height and save it to sngHeight
invoke GdipGetImageHeight,imagen1,addr sngHeight
; Set W variable to 400 (pixels) this would be new picture width
mov W,400
; Set H variable to 400 (pixels) this would be new picture height
mov H,400
; C++ Bitmap::Bitmap(width, height, format) Create new bitmap with widht and height just set and same pixel format as the original image and save it to imagen2
invoke GdipCreateBitmapFromScan0,W,H,0,lFormat,0,addr imagen2
; Set graphic interpolation mode to high quality output
; Shrink the image using low-quality interpolation.(InterpolationModeNearestNeighbor)
; Shrink the image using medium-quality interpolation. (InterpolationModeHighQualityBilinear)
; Shrink the image using high-quality interpolation. (InterpolationModeHighQualityBicubic)
invoke GdipSetInterpolationMode,grafico,InterpolationModeHighQualityBilinear ; equ 6
; Get original image Horizontal resolution and save it to HorRes variable
invoke GdipGetImageHorizontalResolution,imagen1,addr HorRes
; Get original image Vertical resolution and save it to VerRes variable
invoke GdipGetImageVerticalResolution,imagen1,addr VerRes
; Set new image vertical and horizontal resolution to match orignal image resolution
invoke GdipBitmapSetResolution,imagen2,HorRes,VerRes
; Create new graphics object from new image
invoke GdipGetImageGraphicsContext,imagen2,addr grafico
; RGB 0,0,0
; Set image background to Black color
invoke GdipGraphicsClear,grafico,0
; Draw resized original image to graphic object of new bitmap
invoke GdipDrawImageRectI,grafico,imagen1,0,0,W,H
; Destroy orignal image
invoke GdipDisposeImage,imagen1
; Delete new image graphic object
invoke GdipDeleteGraphics,grafico
; Create standard GDI Bitmap from Gdi+ Bitmap and save bitmap handle in hBitmap variable
; If you want to rotate image use:
;invoke GdipImageRotateFlip,imagen2,Rotate90FlipNone
invoke GdipCreateHBITMAPFromBitmap,imagen2,addr hBitmap,0
; Set VB Picture box control image to our new resized image
invoke SendMessage,hImageTestL,STM_SETIMAGE,IMAGE_BITMAP,hBitmap
Posted on 2005-03-05 13:03:20 by alonsomm