I do not know how to make to treat the data of the waiter IRC, how to make, I do not arrive with the assembler

this end of code has a bug, it does not function of all, help me.


xor edx, edx
dec ecx

inc edx
mov al,byte ptr
cmp al,'P'
jnz Boucl

push -1
push -1
invoke SendMessage,hRichEd,EM_EXSETSEL,0,esp
invoke SendMessage,hRichEd,EM_REPLACESEL,FALSE,addr Buffer1
invoke SendMessage,hRichEd,EM_SCROLLCARET,0,0
invoke UpdateWindow,hRichEd
add esp,2*4

Posted on 2005-02-24 06:38:41 by Fr_MasM_Nb
It is not a bug, it is "features not implemented". Seriously what you are doing is just scaning for the character 'P'. What do you want to do once you found that character? Code to handle it is not implemented.

The code JimmyCliff gave was just to scan for 'P'.

PS: please stick to the older topic instead of creating new topics.
Posted on 2005-02-24 08:10:14 by roticv