I want to get a FloatPoint data from cell. If I use SPRM_SETCELLDATA and than SPRM_GETCELLDATA all normally. But when I enter value from the keyboard and then SendMessage SPRM_GETCELLDATA I get wrong value.
How can I get correct value?
Posted on 2005-02-26 15:26:48 by Andrey
Hi Andrey

You must check the cell data type,integer or float.

Posted on 2005-02-26 17:18:48 by KetilO
This is totaly off topic, but does anyone else find that constant name a little... interesting?

Posted on 2005-02-26 19:36:24 by Sparafusile
I have understood.
Posted on 2005-03-01 12:32:50 by Andrey
No. No. No. It has nothing to do with fertilizing the egg.
Posted on 2005-03-01 12:46:02 by KetilO