Posted on 2005-02-28 18:02:52 by drhowarddrfine
He looks like a borg ^_^
Posted on 2005-02-28 19:20:54 by f0dder
Its a real sad thing. I dont know whther any of you have read his book 'the Humane Interface'. It has some really great ideas. He had started implementing it too this year. but he died before he could finish it :(
Posted on 2005-03-02 13:08:42 by clippy
He looks like a borg ^_^

He does look like a cyborg :shock:

Sad, the guy who made the IBM Ctrl-Alt-Delete thing also retired, all the godfathers of the big computer stuff are falling :(
Posted on 2005-03-02 16:28:16 by x86asm