When i nmake a very simple program,their is a mistake,which is following:

Link:fatal error LNK1104:cannot open file"xxx.exe"
NMAKE:fatal error U1077:'LINK':return code '0x450'

xxx is the name of my program.

I am a newer and this is my first question
Posted on 2005-03-05 05:12:37 by swordlord
The program was probably running. It must be stopped before it can be overwritten.
Posted on 2005-03-05 05:27:38 by Sephiroth3
Hi swordlord,

Welcome to the forum.

Usually, I receive that error while running Ollydbg This is because I forget to terminate the debugging process before re-building the executable.
Posted on 2005-03-05 07:47:37 by Vortex
Thank both of you very much!
Posted on 2005-03-05 20:53:30 by swordlord