Hello Everybody
I brought a program a few years back that extract Icons. The good thing about it is that you can save it as a Icon or Bitmap. I just learned how to do the EXTRACTICON Function thanks to the many tutes presented here on the Board . . . IconsTray, icohand and filtericon. All I got to do now is to be able to save it as a bitmap. If someone has the code or an example I would greatly appreciate it.
Posted on 2001-11-26 23:23:35 by cmax
Well, I don't know the details of converting from one format to another, but the specs of each are well known. Why not use a converter program? There are a ton of Share/Freeware progs out there that do it. Back in my Win 3.1 days, I used a program called GRAPHX (I think). It read files in a bunch of formats, like ICO BMP GIF JPG, and allowed you to convert, and save another file in any of those formats. :)
Posted on 2001-11-27 21:39:51 by S/390
Thanks S/390, but i want to add the code with-in my program.
Posted on 2001-11-28 00:26:35 by cmax