Hi, I wonder if MS would had included the vcpp5 for vs with sp5.
When there was a Masm32, wouldn't it have been better using Hutch's Package as for the inline asm? Or somehow ms produces that package for commercial packages and Masm32 cannot be included. It's like saying why the heck bother when there's someone doing it, better to support and progess rather than to make one from ground zero and it takes time.

I know that the Masm32 it's FREE with a license and the ms vcpp5, you have to had the vs license owned.

I wonder if ms would choose hutch's package as vspp, the problem will be the license and ms includes any files in any commercial package.

Will we have to add that only ms has the permission to have included the package or anyone who owns certain license.
Posted on 2005-03-06 11:39:08 by Xor Stance
Why you have posted this question in this forum is beyond me as the masmforum is the host for MASM32. Keep in mind that Microsoft are a very big company and if the market supported it, we would have MASM version 12 complete with its own IDE, resource compiler and all of the other tricks required to write Windows code.

While the demand for assembler has been growing for some years, it is so specialised that it probably will not make the critical threshold required for a software vendor to invest in in terms of development and support costs. MASM exists because it is required by Microsoft for their own internal use and for the device driver developers.

Be thankful that Microsoft have been generous enough for many years to make the important assembler binaries available to programmers for free for Windows development.

Another assumption that does not pass the test is the idea that a later version is better than an earlier one. Where specialised tools once used to have massive budgets for their development and you paid big money for the licence to use them, they are barely profitable these days and it is hard for a company to justify the ongoing costs of writing later versions.

ML 6.14 has been reliable for years and all it cannot do is the later SSE2 and SSE3 and this will be changing shortly as one of the masmforum members is writing a set of SSE macros to extend the capacity of ML 6.14.

6.15 was fine but 7.00 had broken comand line support and version 8.00 is not yet usable.
Posted on 2005-03-06 19:44:08 by hutch--
I understood. Sorry, I felt that I had maded too many posts in the masmforum and you still check both, I knew I could encounter you here.
However, don't feel bad; I had seeing some members from this board,
posting help about Masm32, rather they know that the masmforum exists.
They still post here, and I don't know it will be a help if the locked Masm32 it's open again.

I think, some members from this board don't like to be in the masmforum and they ask here.

I appreciate your efforts on the masmforum, but, we have the Win32 Community dot net too. I had like to be in both, in the fasm board; I don't usually post so much, since, I don't use fasm and some members are there I could register there. I founded some people that I like too in the fasm board but I haven't really done a usual conversation. I'm waiting, after I level up my abilities, I might learn fasm or asm techniques, etc.

I haven't forgot the love for the masm board, but you must socialize with everyone to have more friends and encountering new ideas.

I still think somehow, I read the rules and your post is there.
Definitely, I heard the story of this board and since you still have an account here; you still have to check this board.

If I ever need something urgent about Masm32, I had PM you or posted a thread on the masm section. Right now is just logic, when it starts getting serious maybe on both boards or thirds if needs.

Posted on 2005-03-06 20:38:21 by Xor Stance
The last complaint is the new gen trashers. If asm had been alive for many years and processors increased, that understimate cost speed.
I wonder if that's bring by new generations that use miscellaneous paths always and they don't learn or take time importantly.

Truthly, when I discuss in another forum where many young guys; it's ashame how they think or people with that humor. I think to have an old fashion way, hard pressures must be applied.

Like learning asm, HLA it's a way big documentation rather than Pascal I learn; in one week at school, the lesson structures given. 8)

I'm trying to talk with formal information and descriptive, for a good preparation of an old fashion way.
Posted on 2005-03-06 20:52:49 by Xor Stance