I get an error when I include CLASS.INC to my empty project.
The error is in this line :
Error "Memory Allocation Error - Heap"

And this is the error message :
CLASS_31.inc(884) : error A2008: syntax error : Error

What can I do to solve this ?

Posted on 2005-03-07 13:02:56 by Jurgen
Hmm I certainly have never included such a line in ATC :| . I guess Homer has been playing a bit with it and uploaded a modified version ^^"
At http://www.ultrano.com/ilix you can find the latest working version of ATC , which I use a lot (thus is well-tested).
Have fun :)
Posted on 2005-03-07 21:19:51 by Ultrano
Posted on 2005-03-08 09:25:23 by Jurgen
Wonder where he got that?
The Error messagebox macro was only added to my Class32.inc a couple of weeks ago.
The Heap Error handling in malloc was only added in my most recent class32.inc, yet his version reads class31... I don't recall posting it anywhere either .. very amusing :)
Posted on 2005-03-20 02:10:57 by Homer
With so many "versions" it's confusing even to me . I should have called them "MJB"s - major builds. 35 "evolutions" of ATC so far, when I look back at how my code looked without it - I feel happy I'm now sparing myself, concentrating on the code that matters .
Posted on 2005-03-20 04:22:41 by Ultrano