I am using the Qcard32.dll to write a card game (Blackjack) in assembly language just for the experience of doing it and working off the days frustrations.

I am basically displaying the cards on the screen by the deal, hit and stand button which I have on the screen

I am not using wm_paint procedure/command to redraw the cards.

Therein lies the problem. If a window goes over the window with the cards drawn the cards disappear. If the card playing window is minimized the cards disappear.

Do I need to do everything inside of the paint procedure and how is that done.

I looked for examples but the examples I found just displayed a simple line.

Also how does one clear the screen of cards at the end of the deal?

calling invalidrect does not seem to work.

When scronty wrote a demo on cards32.dll I noticed everything was done inside the paint procedure. However that was just displaying like the whole deck of cards. How does one use the paint procedure to display just one card or two cards from clicking on a button?

Any thoughts or do I need to supply more information

Thanks in advance

Posted on 2005-03-08 01:15:01 by cookj