Hi All,

I wanted an Icon/Cursor create/edit program that would be able
to load multiple file types, handle 24 bit color depth and
24 bit color depth with the alpha channel.

The two trial programs that I found that would do the job
were exspensive and had about 37 popup windows (I don't like
a lot of popup windows) and they were large in size, one
was 6.5 meg and the other was 2.5 meg.

So I thought I would write a convert program to convert
Icons and Cursors to a Bitmap and then convert the Bitmap
back to an Icon or Cursor.

I thought I could use my Photo Shop or Paint Shop to edit
the Bitmap, but my release of photo Shop does not like 32 bit
and my Paint Shop converts 32 bit to 24 bit.

After not being satisfied with the above, I decided to write my own.
It will load most formats (iPicture) and you can save the image
as a Bitmap, Icon, or Cursor in sizes 16x16 thru 48x48 and a dual
16x16/32x32 size with color depths including 24 bit with 8 bit alpha

So far it is nothing fancy, it has the normal flip flop, zoom and
the only edit tools that it has are the pencil, line, and bucket.
It has a rectangle selection with (marching ants), the lasso selection
draws, but you can not do anything with it, I'm still working on that.

You can have up to 16 undo's/redo's, and you can also test Cursors
and set their hot spots.

You can go to my web site/Other Programs to download ImgEdit.zip
Let me know if it works.


Posted on 2005-03-08 16:56:31 by Ewayne
Neat program.. the stuff on the right (such as the output bitmap view, and the other two) make the interface seem a little 'busy' but that's my opinion.

I notice the RGBA and their values when I click the swap color arrow, the fonts are not spaced vertically apart far enough, there is slight clippage - yes I'm bad with puns. Some of the fonts on the dialog are clipped too but I'm sure you know that already.

I also suggest making the hotspot a clickable input by adding another tool button.

What about adding a way to export cursor or icon as .data ?

Overall I find it intuitive and friendly, and I hope you keep it free :)
Posted on 2005-03-08 21:30:51 by drarem
Hi All,

About the fonts and the main window size, the program now checks at load time (If the first time)
to see if the DPI is greater then 96 and or the system font is greater then normal. If it is the program
will attempt to adjust the fonts accordingly. If the result is not to your satisfaction you can go to the
Options menu and change the fonts.
NOTE ! The controls use three different size fonts so you will probably have to change all THREE, SM, MD, and LG.

The main window will also resize itself depending on the DPI and system font size.

Some added features:

1. You can select your drawing tools.
2. While drawing the left and right mouse buttons controls the color to use Foreground, Background.
3. The program will save your fonts and your drawing tool selection(s).

Edit: I forgot to upload the change.

You can go to my web site for the update.


Posted on 2005-03-14 12:39:00 by Ewayne