Here is a quick question for you. I have a program which I have embedded within a program (VC++). I am basically trying to achieve a sort of security wrapper to the second embedded program. Anyway, I can write the embedded program to disc from its resource location and execute it there, then delete it when done, but I would prefer to hold it in RAM and load/chain it or run it from there.

I am new to assembler and as such will need to climb a mountain or two, I know. But is assembler the way to go to achieve this?

Any thoughts and comments would be well received.

Many thanks

Posted on 2005-03-11 07:44:49 by u6ik
Consider writing your embedded program as a DLL.
Then have your code load the DLL using LoadLibrary at runtime.
This way you can replace the embedded resource easily, and not have to rewrite your loader all the time.
It's far from secure, as most things are.
Perhaps at least this post will help you see that there are many possibilities.
Each has their pros and cons, and which is the best really depends on the situation.
Posted on 2005-05-24 00:49:31 by Homer