How do I make a toolbar tooltip accept unicode strings?

Posted on 2005-03-14 04:29:15 by KetilO
Hi Ketilo
I'm not sure, but try to use the TB_SETUNICODEFORMAT message .


Posted on 2005-03-15 01:11:43 by Biterider
Thanks Biterider

Sending the TB_SETUNICODEFORMAT to the toolbar and then handle the TTN_NEEDTEXTW message did the trick.

Posted on 2005-03-15 02:23:51 by KetilO
You can download an example here:

Posted on 2005-03-15 06:12:31 by KetilO
Hi KetilO,

Sorry, but what is the advantage to use unicode instead of normal strings ?
Posted on 2005-03-16 13:37:48 by Jurgen
Hi Jurgen

Support for most if not all languages.

Posted on 2005-03-16 13:49:20 by KetilO
Ah, I see.
Posted on 2005-03-16 13:51:53 by Jurgen