Now there are two new cards I'm anxiously waiting for. ^_^ The other is the raytracing videocard.

I'm just a bit worried how(and whether) these two innovative pieces of hardware will become common for home PCs. The raytracing card will have to include a standard 3D VGA (and share the DAC) and software emulators in the form of drivers will be a must-have for PCs that miss the card (if their owners want to play raytraced games). This PPU will also have to find a place - and it may be put beside a standard VGA. Oh not again there... So, both new chips might fight for a place beside the standard VGA :| . Thus, either one of the 2 new devices will drop out from PCs, or 1-2 years may pass for a sync between the RTvideocard, the PPU and standardVGA. So, I hope the PPU becomes a standalone card. And fortunately the odds are good. But still, it'll take too much time to get used to such hardware.
In all cases, game consoles win. The hardware that matters there is absolutely the same in all devices of same type, so gamedevs do not care about missing chips like the RTvideo or PPU. As a result, console games are perfectly synced with the hardware - for full game experience.
The introduction of these new chips opens a gap for some new company to join Nintendo, Sony (for PS1/2/P) and Microsoft(for XBox) in the console market.

PDAs die as gaming devices, and there is a (slight) risk that PCs will follow them in (less than) a decade. Not completely, but still, in several years we PC gamers will have to shut our mouth when comparing consoles to PCs ^^"

I knew nothing of computers while major evolutions in PCs were being introduced (color monitors, 32-bit cpus, soundblaster, 3D GPUs, GeForce256T&L) , so such anxiety around PC evolution is new to me ^_^
Posted on 2005-03-14 16:08:42 by Ultrano
I don't think things are quite so bleak, the variable nature of the pc is what allows all the innovations. Consoles rarely introduce anything new, but rather use what proved to work on the pc.
Posted on 2005-03-15 07:29:11 by Eóin
Now that I looked through this PPU's SDK, I saw it will actually be extremely easy to introduce this device to PCs - it already has a completed software library we can use even if we don't have the device. It's just that some games will start demanding a lot of physics emulation and gamers will feel the need of the PPU :). Hmm, did PlayStation's 3D videocard beat PC's ones in 1996?
Posted on 2005-03-15 11:25:30 by Ultrano