Several yrs ago Comrade and Thomas provided code for a autocomplete routine (ASM) and autosuggest (C++), respectively.  I don't know
C++ so the autosuggest wasn't of much value (although I sure could use it in a new pgm I am writing), but I am using the autocomplete
routine.  It works fine except for one thing - since I need to use the info in the edit control, I need the zero-based index number.  I've
tried everyway I can thing of (including using BC5++ win32.hlp file) and it won't work.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Posted on 2005-03-16 08:49:32 by DaveTX47
Beg Ultrano for the source to TIX.
It's a small and intelligent asm IDE he wrote with ATC OOP in mind.
By intelligent I don't mean just auto-completion (suggestion) of input terms,
this one learns from your source as you write it.
As a minimum, it's trained with

Ultrano, the world needs your autocomplete framework..
Posted on 2005-03-17 01:40:43 by Homer