Hello everybody.
I developped a DLL with masm32. I have no probem to use its functions in C++ (Console or COM).
To use it encapsuled in COM, with C# : I have no problem (the wrapper genretad by .Net seems good).
I want to use directly this masm32 DLL in C# (using PInvoke architecture) and then I find a problem : the DLL is loaded, a function of this DLL is running "well", and it sees at the end of this function : the caller C# finish unexpectedly ! I have no explication of this behaviour (I thought the bug came from the parameters - I use string IN/OUT -, I made some modifications : but always the same error.

Has Someone of you have an experience/explication of that configuration ?
Posted on 2005-03-19 16:09:57 by LittleBig
i think you should check your call convension , is it stdcall or ?.
Posted on 2006-08-08 05:28:14 by secmask