Check my new documentation, if it's like you have 6 years old.

Don't be ashame to take it, I'm learning too!
Doesn't matter your age or what happen? Just take it!
I will be updating recently, when I have time since I had Eastern Week Holiday,
check tomorrow at night at Central Time.
Posted on 2005-03-20 20:08:34 by Xor Stance
How is this related to Iczelion tutorials :-?

His tutorials are masterpieces from somebody that clearely know his way...

Please do not post "my own learning tutorials" side by side with Iczelion :D

Posted on 2005-03-20 21:27:53 by BogdanOntanu
Now I decided to change it directly to my Geocities page and upload it, at masmforum I'm going to delete it!
LOL Bodgan it's just that you guys are so experience or you guys have lots of skills, so I create myself like
if I were 5 years old or better 10 so, old ones won't get annoy.

Just I don't want to spam it but I need to be descriptive to make it clear, well, the main goal was that not
even I could understand it first, because instead of listening it bore me out all the talking before and even
my friend couldn't! I want to contribute for Masm32, that's why at least this for the moment and people that
want to learn help them.
Posted on 2005-03-20 23:31:20 by Xor Stance
Well Xor Stance, there is no nice way to say this so I'll just say it. Your English grammar is terrible, and this makes it almost impossible to read your postings and gather anything useful out of it so much as a whole tutorial. While I admire your desire to learn English, you shouldn't be taking such a big leap as of yet.

Since I rarely criticize without pointing out ways to improve, let me make a suggestion. It would be more useful for you to write your tutorial in your native language (which I am assuming is Spanish from your verb usage) or help translate already existing ones... believe me... the English tutorials are well covered by native English speakers ;)
Posted on 2005-03-21 02:15:05 by SpooK
Ok, I understand. Somehow, I tried my best, but I'm going to make for two different language; Spanish and English. The english will be left, for those who
at least can understand it, just in case someone could. Thanks.
Posted on 2005-03-21 10:11:54 by Xor Stance
Another approach would be to have someone who knows a little Spanish help touch up your English translation, and from that you can compare the version and keep improving your English.
Posted on 2005-03-21 10:50:16 by SpooK