Hi all

New upload

- Fixed a bug where unicode support was lost in RadLNG

Posted on 2005-03-16 05:16:20 by KetilO
translating RadENG.lng into RadCHN.lng has been almost finished. it need verifying.
I don't know following words. Could you give me to explain? how I test RadCHN.lng in Radasm.


Posted on 2005-03-16 10:04:14 by dcskm4200
Hi dcskm4200

Great, you can use the latest RadASM bugtest to test your work.
You select the language file from the RadASM menu Options / Language.
You can also e-mail the file to me at radasm@visualassembler.com for testing.

[2500] (Menu editor)
2509=Radio (Radio button on menu)
2531=Ownerdraw (The owner window draws the menu items)

If there are some words you can't translate, try asking. Others might help.

Posted on 2005-03-16 13:04:53 by KetilO
isn't there a radasm forum any more?
Posted on 2005-03-16 13:57:13 by aceado
Hi aceado

No, it's gone and will probably not be set up again.

Posted on 2005-03-16 15:24:35 by KetilO
Hi all

New upload.

- Fixed a bug where the caption on dialogs in RadASM did not accept unicode.

Note that support for 95, 98 and Me is lost for the moment (needs unicows.dll).

Posted on 2005-03-16 16:32:29 by KetilO
  Hello, KetilO!
Could you, please, fill RadLNG toolbar bitmap (if it is done with bitmap) with COLOR_BTNFACE color? In my version of RadLNG they drawn with white background.
Best regards, IronFelix.
Posted on 2005-03-17 00:41:18 by IronFelix
Posted on 2005-03-17 00:58:23 by dcskm4200
Hi dcskm4200

Thanks for the translation to Chinese.
The link to RadASM bugtest package can be found in the first post of this thread.
It has been updated with your RadCHN.lng file.

Posted on 2005-03-17 03:17:44 by KetilO
Hi IronFelix

It does on my system too. I will fix it.

Posted on 2005-03-17 03:19:34 by KetilO
when I click Option/ Language, it appeared "Language Option" window, there has


however i selected one of in three, and then clicked apply button, RadASM can't switch to chinese.

Posted on 2005-03-17 05:29:23 by dcskm4200
Hi dcskm4200

What OS are you using? For now it will only work on NT systems.
Make shure RadENG.lng, RadNOR.lng and RadCHN.lng is in the same folder as RadASM.exe


Here is what the language dialog looks like on my XP

Posted on 2005-03-17 06:38:23 by KetilO
i tested it on windows 2000, appeared follow:

An exception has occured.
Module name: RadASM (RadASM version
Windows 2000
Exception code: C0000005h
Instruction pointer: 0000C2F3h

it looks I can't prevent most of chineses will joke me.

Posted on 2005-03-17 07:13:38 by dcskm4200
Yes, there was a buffer overrun problem in RadASM.
It has been fixed so try to download again.

Posted on 2005-03-17 07:38:42 by KetilO
Hi KetilO!
I have little "cosmetic" issue with the integrated Dialog editor... If you are seeing a dialog, make a change and then press the MDI close button, the IDE ask you to save the changes, but doesn't close the MDI child. A second press on the close button will close it.

Posted on 2005-03-17 07:51:35 by Biterider
Thanks Biterider

Problem fixed. New upload.

Posted on 2005-03-17 08:13:06 by KetilO
tested on xp sp2, some problem:

1. when RadASM started up, it can't read all *.lng file into Language Option window although all *.lng file is in ..\RadASM path.
2. if i modified

LANGUAGE=RadENG.lng -->>>RadCHN.lng

in radasm.ini file. After RadASM started up,the LANGUAGE of RadASM is still last time's LANGUAGE.
3. if I copied RadENG.lng to 1_RadENG.lng in ..\RadASM path, Language Option window has two English (Default).

Posted on 2005-03-17 09:56:38 by dcskm4200
My only suggestion is that you have your file browser set to hide extension for known file types, and your file name is really RadCHN.lng.txt
This easily happends if you used notepad to edit the file.

Posted on 2005-03-17 12:36:26 by KetilO
in my PC, the file browser may see any file extension type. Actually i hardly use the notepad to edit a file. RadCHN.lng was created with your RadLNG 1.0 and Ultredit-32.
the forum can't append a IMG file into a post, so I'v sent a IMG file of my screen to you with email for you will see what happened on my pc.

Posted on 2005-03-17 18:38:27 by dcskm4200
Thanks dcskm4200

That cleared up a few things. It seem like GetPrivateProfileStringW still uses codepages to convert to / from unicode. I had to write my own function.

New upload, I am shure it will work now. Can you test on XP and 2000?

Posted on 2005-03-18 03:18:04 by KetilO