Hi all,
Yesterday I "ported" the current HLA v2.0/ADK code base over to Linux. Largely, the work consisted of four things:

1. Converting a small win32-specific routine that processed memory-mapped files to use the HLA stdlib code for memory-mapped files (originally, HLA v2.0's memory mapped code was written before this functionality was added to the stdlib, which is why HLA v2.0 didn't use the stdlib code in the first place; indeed, the need for this in HLA v2.0 is why this functionality was added to the HLA standard library).

2. Commenting out the code that computes the number of lines/second compilation rates in the compiler (well, #IF'd out, when compiling under Linux). The problem here is that I've never ported the HLA stdlib timer class to Linux (which the compile rate computation uses).

3. #IF'd out a reference to stdout.handle (which is meaningful only under Win32).

4. Wrote a "getFullFilePath" function for Linux (Win32 API provides this, had to provide it myself under Linux).

After the above, the HLA v2.0 compiler compiled and ran under Linux. All in all, about 300 lines of code had to be changed, commented out, or written. Not bad for over 90,000 lines of source code :-)

At some point in the next day or so, I'll port the HLA v2.0 test suite to Linux (this should mainly consist of writing a script to convert all the Windows CRLF text files to Linux LF files) and the port to Linux will be complete.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2005-03-24 11:34:53 by rhyde