my SMS (sega master system) operates with ROM modules. these are put into a standard PCB connector (2.54 wide, 2x25 poles). now, playing games is picky: the modules are a bit loose (fully inserted), and if touched slightly while their program is running, it seems to be that poles are disconnectiong.

my question is if i have to replace the connector with a new one?
Posted on 2005-03-28 04:37:06 by akidd86
there is a way to try before attempting to replace the connector. i do not know what it looks like. if it's copper layered, then you can usng an ballpoint eraser/pencil eraser to clean it up and test it again. and always check for loose solder joint.
Posted on 2005-03-30 19:59:04 by dion
thanks for your reply.

the thing in the middle of the attachment is the connector.

and it is this sort of doublesided PCB, where components are difficult to desolder from.

it seems to be there are no 50-pole PCB slots on the market. i have seen a 2x24 pole one today, but 50 poles?

any idea for a solution? i do not see a way to apply erasers. probably a spray helps, but the module is loose too.

means the contacts do not have full pressure anymore.

however, it works, until the module is touched...
Posted on 2005-04-02 07:24:35 by akidd86
sorry, but i can not see the pic clearly and don't know which part you mention.
but if you are a game tech, you'll know what to do. just use your "common sense".
Posted on 2005-04-10 21:34:21 by dion