I wish to render a 3D arrow at a given location in 3D space.
The input params are two 3D vectors which represent the origin and direction of the arrow.
The arrow is constructed along Z, such that without rotation, it faces away from the camera, from a Cylinder and a Cone provided through auxCylinder etc.

Let's assume I glTranslate myself into Object space.
What I want to ask is what is the best way to perform the orientation of the arrow.. should I calculate the required rotation about an arbitrary axis, and then apply glRotate functions, or should I create a LookAt Matrix by hand (some crossproducts in here) and apply that before I render, or should I just be lazy and call glLookAt before I render the arrow? Is there any penalty?

Does anyone have anything to say about this?

Basically I want to implement a simple client/server model, and represent clients with a sphere and an arrow.. I need to be able to draw a handful of oriented arrows.. not such a task.
Posted on 2005-03-28 08:39:11 by Homer