is there any amd64 emulator that can run on the 32-bit system?

Perhaps Bochs can provide such function, but i still do not know how to use it.

Anyone could give me some tips about bochs? ;)

Posted on 2005-03-30 17:34:03 by Theo

Search with the kwds : "amd64" AND "routines".
You'll get the topic where I tried and failed to use bochs (CR4 pb).
I've coded emulation routines in C for amd64, but I have no feedback at all.
Anyway I go on.
This month I should give a 64-bit long mode disassembler, written in 32-bit C for win32 platform.
Intended to read binary files from yasm, then to be translated to my AMDO64 os as part of my integrated debugger.

Posted on 2005-04-04 05:47:08 by valy