They named it "elbarus", available for both  Pentium 4 and Athlon 64 mobo's. Haven't yet seen any benchmark on it. The articles :
Introducing Elbarus, the ultimate Russian CPU (English)

?? ???????????? ?????: ???????? (Russian)

If the cost is pretty cheap, I think this CPUs would be fun to play with ;)
Posted on 2005-04-04 01:42:28 by Pinczakko
why is there something about the date of the article that makes me not believe it?
Posted on 2005-04-04 03:28:50 by evlncrn8

why is there something about the date of the article that makes me not believe it?

Don't be afraid - Elbrus procs exists for ages already as a test models, and still are the fastest yet nobody gonna make it as serial product, the East (Russia) haven't got technology to make it relaible and cheap enough, the West ain't gonna do it 'cause it would mean a disaster for market and other manufactors, so the "Russian super stone" idea has been slowly fading for many years, Elbrus ideas has being slowly sold by Babaian (chif of the group created the frist and the second Elbrus and Elbrus 2000) to HP, Intel, Sun etc. so you have nothing to worry about being forsed to play your games on those Russians's stones.
As to the article - of course it's a joke - enough to say Elbrus has absolutly different architecture then x86.
Posted on 2005-04-04 14:32:03 by The Svin
yeah, something wrong with it  :lol:. But anyway, I thought you are right Svin, it's the IP that Elbrus sold to other manufacturer in the "west"
Posted on 2005-04-05 01:42:53 by Pinczakko
thats sad, it would have been cool if it was a good and cheap procerssor... cant some nice rich people finance the product ? :)
(and "the wizz" processor too, while we're at it)
Posted on 2005-04-05 08:18:00 by HeLLoWorld
the wiz, heh... that would never work, and is a pretty silly idea.
Posted on 2005-04-05 09:20:02 by f0dder
mm...thats not very constructive, have you something against it?
Posted on 2005-04-06 09:05:20 by HeLLoWorld