Whats new:
o RadASM goes MUI. Get language development pack.
? Needs NT platform (Unicode) to work.
  Chinese (By dcskm4200), English (Default), Hebrew (By Wizzra),
  Norwegina (By KetilO), Russian (By Alex)
o Added option to select language / magnify.
o Possible to shrink / magnify dialogs.
o Possible to set the font used on dialogs.
o Option to set comments back color.
o Several improvements on Find Declare (F2).
- Speed optimized.
- Finds local variables and labels.
o Fixed some fasm parsing problems.
o Fixed some hla parsing and code block problems.
o Fixed a bug where the parser was a bit eager to exclude comment blocks.
o Updated RadToolBar addin to support unicode.
o Added AutoScroll property to combobox
o Added MultiLine property to button, checkbox and radiobutton
o Added posibility to get style bit description from RadASM.ini.
o If the build command includes linking, RadASM attempts to delete the exe / dll
? before any build commands are performed.

Posted on 2005-04-07 14:27:01 by KetilO